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STIMY Ep 68: Neal Freyman - Managing Editor, Morning Brew media company & podcast & newsletter

Ep 68: Creating Content for 3+ million Subscribers | Neal Freyman (Managing Editor, Morning Brew)

Neal Freyman is the Managing Editor at Morning Brew, a new media company that provides informative and digestive business news to over 3 million subscribers. He oversees Morning Brew’s flagship product – a daily newsletter, as well as the weekend light Roast edition and native advertisements.

The Morning Brew happens to be one of my favourite newsletters so I was excited to dive into the behind-the-scenes with Neal!

Lauren Hom - Artist, Designer, Illustrator,

Ep 66: The Business of Lettering | Lauren Hom (Designer, Illustrator & Hand Lettering Artist)

Lauren Hom is a California-born designer, illustrator & hand lettering artist with a 250k strong following on Instagram. She is known for her use of bright colour palettes & playful letterings and has worked for clients such as Starbucks, YouTube, TIME Magazine, Google and AT&T. She has also been recognised by Communications Arts, the Art Directors Club, the One Club, the Type Directors Club and the Webby Awards.

Esther Wojcicki

Ep 64: The “T.R.I.C.K.” to Raising Successful People | Esther Wojcicki

Esther Wojcicki is an author, journalist, educator, vice-chair of the Creative Commons Advisory Council and founder of the highly regarded Palo Alto High School Media Arts program (the largest journalism program in the States). 

She is also known as the “Godmother of Silicon Valley”. And has raised 3 daughters, regarded as some of the most successful women in Silicon Valley. 
– Susan, the CEO of YouTube;
– Janet, a Fulbright-winning anthropologist & professor of pediatrics at the University of California; and
– Anne – co-founder of 23andme, who was listed as number 93 in Forbes List of World’s 100 Most Powerful Women in 2020!

Episode page header - Hawker Chef Chan Hon Meng

Ep 62: Serving the World’s Cheapest Michelin-Starred Meal | Hawker Chef Chan Hon Meng

Hawker Chef Chan Hon Meng is a Malaysian-born, Michelin-starred chef who is best known for serving the world’s least expensive Michelin-starred meal.

He won his first Michelin star back in 2016 for his $2.50 soy sauce chicken noodle dish, and proceeded to do so for the next four consecutive years. Since then, his chicken rice store has exploded from one store in Chinatown to a franchise restaurants in 7 countries & 17 outlets within 2 years. In Singapore alone, there are 6,000 stalls in over 100 hawker stalls.

Austen Allred - co-founder & CEO,Lambda School - building the next generation coding school that offers free tuition using Income Sharing Agreements (ISAs)

Ep 61: Austen Allred (Co-Founder, Lambda School) – Building a FREE Coding School using ISAs

Austen Allred is the co-founder & CEO of Lambda School: a virtual coding school that is completely free to attend, until its graduates earn at least $50,000/year. Lambda School is betting on its student’s success as its success, and has seen its graduates go on to work as developers in Fortune 100 companies and prominent startups including Google, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs and more.