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Alejandro Navia - founder NFT now web3 - So This Is My Why podcast interview with Ling Yah on how Pain Makes Us Grow

Ep 127: Pain Makes Us Grow | Alejandro Navia (Co-Founder & President, nft now)

Alejandro Navia is the co-founder and president of NFT Now, the premier source of NFT news and analysis. As an advisor, coach, and early supporter of web3 and the creator economy, Alejandro has helped numerous founders and creators scale their communities and raise over $97MM in funding.

Prior to NFT Now, Alejandro held leadership positions at startups and enterprises in AI, aerospace, and media, including Verizon, where he led Content Strategy and Acquisitions, and Elite Daily, which he helped lead to a $50MM acquisition.

Alejandro currently lives in Miami, where he pursues interests in psilocybin research, spirituality, and mental health.

Ling Yah - So This is My Why Podcast + Peter Yong (Mr Money TV)

Ep 122: I Am NOT Your Father! | Peter Yong aka Mr Money TV, the 7-figure YouTube Businessman

Mr Money TV aka Peter Yong is one of the most popular personal finance YouTubers with 153k+ subscribers! This is his journey from being a fresh graduate to earning RM 250k/year by the age of 30, to selling his BMW and giving everything up just as his first son was born to go all in with his then nascent YouTube business, which now makes 7-figures!