Ling Yah - So This is My Why Podcast + Peter Yong (Mr Money TV)

Ep 122: I Am NOT Your Father! | Peter Yong aka Mr Money TV, the 7-figure YouTube Businessman

Mr Money TV aka Peter Yong is one of the most popular personal finance YouTubers with 153k+ subscribers! This is his journey from being a fresh graduate to earning RM 250k/year by the age of 30, to selling his BMW and giving everything up just as his first son was born to go all in with his then nascent YouTube business, which now makes 7-figures!

Bryan Pham co-founder of Asian Hustle Network with Maggie Chiu, Hate is A Virus Movement

Ep 113: How Do You Build a 200,000+ community in 3 years?! | Bryan Pham (Co-Founder, Asian Hustle Network, AHNF, AHN Ventures, Hate Is A Virus)

Bryan Pham is the founder of Asian Hustle Network (AHN), AHNF, and AHN Ventures. He is passionate about bringing together communities of like-minded individuals through growing AHN to over 200,000+ members in three years. Bryan seeks to uplift, amplify, and connect Asian creatives and entrepreneurs around the world.

Amanda Cua - Founder, Backscoop newsletter on Southeast Asian tech startups, One More Scoop podcast

Ep 111: Building the hottest Southeast Asian Tech Startup Newsletter | Amanda Cua (Founder, Backscoop)

Amanda Cua is the Founder and CEO of BackScoop, a media startup focused on Southeast Asian startups and tech. It started with their first product, a free daily newsletter that makes it fun and easy to stay informed with everything Southeast Asian business and startups in minutes.

Launched in late 2021, BackScoop is read by thousands of SEA’s top founders, execs, VCs and startup operators. Born and raised in the Philippines, Amanda is 20 years old and was previously the first employee at Y Combinator-backed edtech Avion School.