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Phil Libin- co-founder Evernote, mmhmm, All Turtles

Ep 87: Building Evernote, Startup Success is Worse than Startup Failure & Why Blockchain is Bullish*t | Phil Libin (co-founder, Evernote, mmhmm & All Turtles)

Phil Libin is co-founder and CEO of All Turtles, a globally distributed product studio, and mmhmm, an all-in-one platform for making, watching, and talking on videos. Previously he was Managing Director at General Catalyst, and before that he was co-founder and CEO of Evernote, which he grew to become a beloved product for hundreds of millions of users.

STIMY Ep 68: Neal Freyman - Managing Editor, Morning Brew media company & podcast & newsletter

Ep 68: Creating Content for 3+ million Subscribers | Neal Freyman (Managing Editor, Morning Brew)

Neal Freyman is the Managing Editor at Morning Brew, a new media company that provides informative and digestive business news to over 3 million subscribers. He oversees Morning Brew’s flagship product – a daily newsletter, as well as the weekend light Roast edition and native advertisements.

The Morning Brew happens to be one of my favourite newsletters so I was excited to dive into the behind-the-scenes with Neal!