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A list of all the episodes you will find in the So This Is My Why podcast that features people with an entrepreneurial background, including show notes, links and other episodes that you might find interesting.

Terence Lee - editor-in-chief at Tech in Asia, $20 million purchase by Singapore Press Holdings - So This Is My Why podcast episode 132 interview

Ep 132: The Inside Scoop on Asia’s $30 Million Media Empire | Terence Lee, Editor-In-Chief at Tech in Asia

Terence Lee is the editor-in-chief of Tech in Asia, Southeast Asia’s leading tech business media, events, and jobs platform. Our goal is to build and serve Asia’s tech and startup community.

As a journalist, I seek to hold up a mirror to society and digest emerging trends. As a tech enthusiast, I enjoy harnessing it in my work, while also making sense of it from various angles. And as a leader, I combine talent, strategy, and tools to build a cutting edge organization.

I lead an editorial team that delivers investigative journalism, data, analysis, and timely reporting to thousands of paying subscribers and hundreds of thousands of readers each month.

I’ve been involved in all aspects editorial operations: from high-level strategic planning to shoe leather reporting to tinkering with no-code tools and APIs. I track a wide range of industries, from ecommerce to crypto to AI.

Charlie Todd, founder of Improv Everywhere and was one of the very first comedy channels on the platform in early 2006

Ep 131. Becoming The Greatest Professional Prankster – Charlie Todd [Founder, Improv Everywhere]

In 2001, Charlie Todd founded the comedy collective Improv Everywhere, a New York group that pioneered large-scale surprise public performances, long before anyone had heard of the term “flash mob.” Charlie was one of the original YouTubers, and Improv Everywhere was one of the very first comedy channels on the platform in early 2006. To date the channel has over half a billion views. With viral hits like the legendary Grand Central freeze and the absurdly silly No Pants Subway Ride, Improv Everywhere has created iconic projects that have entered the zeitgeist and spread to all corners of the globe. Charlie’s success with Improv Everywhere has led to a career in television, recently serving as executive producer and director of the Disney+ series “Pixar In Real Life.”

Alvin Wee Hollywood music mixer - Disney's Encanto, Harry Gregson-William, Hans Zimmer's Top Gun Maverick & Kung Fu Panda 3

Ep 130: Breaking into Hollywood – coz Asians Take Sh*t Very Well?! | Alvin Wee (Grammy, CAS & Golden Horse Award-Winning Music Mixer, Encanto)

Alvin Wee is a Grammy, CAS & Golden Horse Award winning music mixer from Kuching whose work includes Disney’s Encanto, Hans Zimmer’s Top Gun Maverick & Kung Fu Panda 3, “Loyal, Brave & True” – sung by Christina Aguilera in Mulan etc here is Alvin’s story of breaking in and making it in Hollywood

Alejandro Navia - founder NFT now web3 - So This Is My Why podcast interview with Ling Yah on how Pain Makes Us Grow

Ep 127: Pain Makes Us Grow | Alejandro Navia (Co-Founder & President, nft now)

Alejandro Navia is the co-founder and president of NFT Now, the premier source of NFT news and analysis. As an advisor, coach, and early supporter of web3 and the creator economy, Alejandro has helped numerous founders and creators scale their communities and raise over $97MM in funding.

Prior to NFT Now, Alejandro held leadership positions at startups and enterprises in AI, aerospace, and media, including Verizon, where he led Content Strategy and Acquisitions, and Elite Daily, which he helped lead to a $50MM acquisition.

Alejandro currently lives in Miami, where he pursues interests in psilocybin research, spirituality, and mental health.