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Lim Ee Ling - Executive Director of Global Programs, 500 Global + Co-Founder of Smarter Me & Young Leaders Summit Asia


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Debbie Soon - Co-Founder, HUG NFT Accelerator & curate-to-earn platform HUGhub, hedgeHUG; Chief of Staff at ONE Championship to Chatri Sityodtong

#29: Launching a Web3 Accelerator

  • STIMY Guest: Debbie Soon
  • The future of NFTs
  • Buying Your First NFT
  • Crypto Lawsuit – duty of care?
  • Strategy to Launch Meta Angels NFT
Nicole Yap - co-founder, 8SIAN NFT collection, Chinatown metaverse

#28: Selling 8,888 NFTs & Rug Pulls

  • STIMY Guest: Nicole (founder of 8SIAN, a 8,888 NFT collection that features Asian women)
  • Elizabeth Yin on how to raise a seed round
  • A VC pretends to invest in a Startup (and threatens to sue!)
  • Bored Bunny Rug Pull
  • Yuga Lab’s Pitch Deck
Vincent Wei Head of Growth & Product VEED.IO
  • STIMY Guest: Vincent Wei (Head of Growth, Veed)
  • Malaysianpaygap
  • 20VC: Ed Baker on 5 Key Functions of a Growth Team
  • 80,000 Hours
  • Crypto Scam
Nnenna Nwakanma - Chief Web Advocate, World Wide Web Foundation

#26: Being Human Is Enough

  • STIMY Guest: Nnenna Nwakanma (Chief Web Advocate)
  • Acquired podcast: Taylor Swift
  • Sol’s Cookies
  • West Elm Caleb
  • MSCHF’s C&D Fashion Drop
Daniel Flynn - cofounder Thankyou Australia social enterprise

#25: The Power of Stories

  • STIMY Guest: Daniel Flynn (co-founder, Thankyou Australia – most successful social enterprise)
  • YouTubers like Beluga
  • Ryan Reynolds is on LinkedIn! Plus Winnie-the-Screwed
  • Wise Words from C.S. Lewis in 1948 on living in the atomic age
Ansgar Koene - Global AI Ethics & Regulatory Leader EY London
  • STIMY Guest: Ansgar Koene (Global AI Ethics & Regulatory Leader, EY) on how AI is manipulating our behaviour
  • Alex Lieberman
  • How Cute Cats spread misinformation
  • Perfection v Excellence
  • MrBeast’s Squid Game
  • Secret Santa online
Esther Wojcicki

#23: Timebanking & 👁👄👁

  • STIMY Guest: Esther Wojcicki
  • Timebanking
  • How Will & Jada Pinkett Smith built their Content Empire
  • The Red Table Talk
  • Nametagging
  • Fourthwall
Episode page header STIMY podcast DJ Didonna sabbatical project founder

#22: DJ Didonna (Founder, the Sabbatical Project)

  • #TeamSEAS
  • Mark Rober, the NASA YouTuber
  • Google’s e-Conomy SEA 2021 Report
  • Traf: Making $100k from 2 weeks’ worth of work in 1 week
David Grief - Senior Clerk & Head of Administration (Essex Court Chambers), CEO, David Grief International Consultancy Pte Singapore
  • No Two Are Alike
  • Ofcom Guide: Offensive Language on TV & Radio
  • How Discord (accidentally) invented the future of the internet
  • Creator Upload Podcast
Nick Bernstein - Senior Vice President of Late Night Programming (West Coast) at ViacomCBS; executive in charge of the Late Late Show with James Corden

#20: Nick Bernstein - SVP, Late Night Programming (West Coast), CBS

  • Twitter: Dear Intern
  • A Project of One’s Own by Paul Graham
  • Small Things Accomplish Big Things
  • The Statement by Crystal Pite
Dato Thomas Mun Lung Lee [Founding Partner, Lee Hishamuddin Allen & Gledhill, son of Tun HS Lee.- Malaysia's first Finance Minister]

#19: Dato' Thomas Lee (Founder, LHAG + Son of Tun HS Lee - Malaysia's 1st Finance Minister)

  • On testing positive for COVID-19 in Malaysia
  • Person: Patrick Cabral (@darkgravity)
  • The Late Late Show with James Corden
  • Meet the Drapers show
Oz Pearlman - Israeli American, Emmy-Award Winning Mentalist, Magician & Finalist of America's Got Talent Season 10 in 2015

#18: Reading Minds with Oz Pearlman (Emmy Award-Winning Mentalist)

  • Podcast: Jay Shetty with Tim Bilyeu (on Impact Theory)
  • The Rise of Cohort-Based Courses
  • Videographer: Daniel Schiffer
  • Article: 9 Practical Ways to Boost Your Creativity
Lincoln Lee Ming - social entrepreneur, co-founder RICE Inc, HULT Prize 2018 winner

#17: Lincoln Lee (Co-Founder, Rice Inc & Winner of $1 million HULT Prize)

  • Article: Selling Google Spreadsheets by Ali Tamaseb
  • Article: 7 Emails You Should Send Every Week to Get Ahead in Your Career
  • YouTuber: The Breakfasteur
  • Nieman Lab Article: How to Label AI Content
Episode page header - Azran Osman-Rani - CEO Naluri Hidup, AirAsia X, iFlix Malaysia

#16: Azran Osman-Rani (CEO, Naluri, iFlix & AirAsia X)

  • Article: Starbucks – Monetary Superpower
  • Pressclub Podcast: Facebook’s Plans for Audio 
  • Newsletter: Morning Brew
  • Disney’s Go Away Green
Lim Pui Wan (picoworm) - Malaysia miniature artist

#15: Pui Wan (Picoworm the Miniature Artist)

  • Article: On Active Listening
  • Twitter Storm: The Most Undervalued Asset of a CEO…
  • Article: You Haven’t Seen Greatness
  • Answer Socrates
Joe Sidek Festival Director George Town Festival

#14: Joe Sidek (Festival Director, George Town Festival)

  • Red Hong Yi’s TIMES Article Artwork 
  • Podcast: Patreon (Jack Conte & Sam Yam) on HIBT
  • Substack Local
  • A16Z’s NFT Canon
Episode page header - Wai Ken Wong, Country Manager, StashAway Malaysia

#13: Wai Ken (Country Manager, StashAway Malaysia)

  • Creative Juice: Creators investing in Creators
  • Podcast: Sahil Lavingia on Gumroad’s Groundbreaking Equity Crowdfunding Raise
  • Feynman Learning Technique
  • New York Times Article becomes an NFT
STIMY Ep 40: He Ruiming & Goh Wei Choon [The Woke Salaryman]

#12: The Woke Salaryman

  • Crowdfunding Experiment: Gumroad raises $5 million in 12 hours
  • HBR Article: Where Brands are Reaching Gen Z
  • 1st NFT Art Exhibition by the UCCA Center for Contemporary Art
  • Clubhouse Stereotypes by @themingthing

#11: Chye Neo Chong (ex-CEO, IBM Malaysia)

  • Liziqi: CNY Decorations & Snacks
  • Person: Jenn Chia (aka @soimjenn)
  • Modern Love: Confronting Race on the First Date
  • Serial Podcast by This American Life
Shawn Chong - x3 Diageo World Class Malaysia Champion, Mixologist & Co-Founder of Omakase + Appreciate

#10: Shawn Chong (Mixologist & x3 Diageo World Champion)

  • Clubhouse Craze
  • Article: Making an Amazing Email Introduction
  • MIT Sloan Management Review: What Makes Work Meaningful – or Meaningless
  • Twitter: Mini Modern House
  • Oscar-Contending Animation: Umbrella
Maurizio Leo - Founder, The Perfect Loaf; Terminal Eleven Skyview mobile app software developer and engineer

#9: Maurizio Leo (Founder, The Perfect Loaf & Terminal Eleven)

  • #Songsofcomfort: “Rain Falling from the Roof” by Yo-Yo Ma & Wu Tong
  • Improv Everywhere: Most Socially Distanced Office in the Middle of the East River
  • Person: Daddyming
  • 100 Tips for a Better Life
Episode page header - Darrion Nguyen Lab Shenanigans - Asian millennial TikTok instagram version of Bill Nye the Science Guy

#8: Darrion Nguyen ("Lab Shenanigans")

  • Current Tik Tok Trend: Sea Shanties
  • Ultimate Hootsuite Article on Abbreviations
  • Justin Kan’s AMA
  • RED Talk: Renny Gleeson’s “404, the story of a page not found”
Kenji Chai Vui Yung - Malaysian graffiti artist, mural artist ("Chaigo" dog alter ego)

#7: Kenji Chai (Street Artist)

  • Software: Calendly
  • The Coffee Challenge – A Lesson in Courage 
  • Article: To remote or not?
  • Person: 李子柒 (Liziqi)

Dr Finian Tan - Chairman, Vickers Venture Partners - Singapore Venture Capitalst

#6: Dr Finian Tan (Chairman, Vickers Venture Fund)

  • AI Superconnector: Lunchclub
  • Psychology of Vaccination
  • People: Noah Kagan
  • Zoom Protocol
paper, messy, notes

Notes: The Psychology of Vaccination (Guy Kawasaki's Remarkable People Podcast)

  • A 1 hour 37 minute podcast episode by Guy Kawasaki covering 8 remarkable people on how they would encourage people to take the COVID-19 vaccine
Cesar Kuriyama, Director, Animator, Visual artist, founder of 1 Second Every Day mobile app

#5: Cesar Kuriyama (Founder, 1 Second Everyday)

  • Person: Lauren Hom
  • Talk: You Are Not Alone in Your Loneliness by Jonny Sun
  • Forensic Architecture
Chong Chan Yau - CEO & Co-Founder of Carboncare Innolab Hong Kong, President of Hong Kong Blind Union

#4.2: Be My Eyes

  • On how Be My Eyes app began & helps connect volunteers from around the world with those who are not sighted
Chong Chan Yau - CEO & Co-Founder of Carboncare Innolab Hong Kong, President of Hong Kong Blind Union

#4: Chong Chan-Yau (CEO, Carboncare Innolab)

  • On being one of the first blind person to attend the University of Hong Kong
  • Becoming the Director of Fundraising at Oxfam Hong Kong
  • Co-Founding a climate change NGO that promotes youth advocacy
Malek Ali - Founder of KL Classified, BFM 89.9 & Fi Life

#3: Malek Ali (Founder, BFM 89.9 & Fi Life)

  • High Fidelity 
  • Podcast: Pat Flynn with Matt d’Avella
  • People: Juliana Chan
  • Fear of Being Lame by Paul Graham
Sarah Chen - global investment professional, Malaysia co-founder of lean in Malaysia, board member of 131, co-founder and managing partner of beyond the billion (Washington DC)

#2: Sarah Chen (Co-Founder, Beyond the Billion)

  • 36 Questions to Fall in Love
  • Tattletales of Tanqueray
  • Red Antler
  • If I Knew Then
Alena Ose Murang - Sarawakian sape player singer, teacher, speaker, social entrepreneur, visual artist & heritage advocate

#1 Alena Murang (Sape Player)

  • 40 Days of Dating
  • Nicholas Epley
  • The Startup
  • Kebun-Kebun Bangsar