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A list of all the episodes you will find in the So This Is My Why podcast that features people working in nature, including wildlife conservationists. These episode blog posts will contain show notes, links and other episodes that you might find interesting.

Professor Robin Dunbar, Evolutionary Psychology emeritus, University of Oxford

Ep 85: How many friends can you have? | Robin Dunbar (Emeritus Professor, Evolutionary Psychology, Oxford University)

Robin Dunbar MA PhD DSc(Hon) FRAI FBA is Professor of Evolutionary Psychology at the University
of Oxford, an Emeritus Fellow of Magdalen College, and an elected Fellow of the British Academy
and the Royal Anthropological Institute, and Foreign Member of the Finnish Academy of Science &
Letters. His principal research interests focus on the evolution of sociality (with particular reference
to primates and humans). He is best known for the social brain hypothesis, the gossip theory of
language evolution and Dunbar’s Number (the limit on the number of manageable relationships). His
publications include 15 academic books and 550 journal articles and book chapters. His popular
science books include The Trouble With Science; Grooming, Gossip and the Evolution of Language;
The Science of Love and Betrayal; Human Evolution; Evolution: What Everyone Needs To Know;
Friends: Understanding the Power of Our Most Important Relationships; and How Religion Evolved.

Benjamin Von Wong - viral artist, podcaster, amplify social impact

Ep 10: Benjamin Von Wong – Viral Artivist on Generating 100+ Million Views for Social Impact

Benjamin Von Wong is a mining engineer turned artist who designs campaigns around social impact and has succeeded in raising over 100 million views for different causes including plastics, fast fashion and electronic waste. He has a Guinness Book Record, a community of over 500,000 followers and tries to change the world through amplifying positive impact.

0. Chloe Buiting - Australian veterinarian and wildlife conservationist - So This Is My Why podcast guest episode 1

Ep 1: Chloe Buiting – Realities of Being a Wildlife Vet & Conservationist

Warning: Some portions of this interview may be a little graphic when we talk about the realities of poaching in South Africa. P/S: Don’t be alarmed by the sounds at the start of the podcast! They’re 2 animals that Chloe works with – can you guess what they are? Listen to the end of the …

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