Maurizio Leo - Founder, The Perfect Loaf; Terminal Eleven Skyview mobile app software developer and engineer

#STIMY 9: Maurizio Leo (The Perfect Loaf), GameStop, the World’s Most Socially Distanced Office & a Singaporean Dad with 6 million Tik Tok followers?!

STIMY Newsletter Issue 9 on Maurizio Leo (Skyview & The Perfect Loaf founder), GameStop, Yo-Yo Ma, Most Socially Distanced Office by Improv Everywhere, Daddyming Tik Toker with 6.1 million followers, and 100 tips for a better life.

Episode page header - Darrion Nguyen Lab Shenanigans - Asian millennial TikTok instagram version of Bill Nye the Science Guy

Ep 32: Darrion Nguyen (Lab Shenanigans aka Asian Millennial TikTok version to Bill Nye the Science Guy)

Darrion Nguyen is currently a lab research technician at Baylor College of Technician & the face behind “Lab Shenanigans”: a social media brand that makes fun, easily digestible science content that has garnered over 600,000 followers to date (½ million on Tik Tok!)! He is also known as the Asian Millennial Tik Tok version of Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Kenji Chai Vui Yung - Malaysian graffiti artist, mural artist ("Chaigo" dog alter ego)

Ep 31: Kenji Chai Vui Yung – Malaysian Graffiti Artist (aka “Chaigo”)

Chef Darren Teoh Min Guo is the head chef and restaurant owner of Dewakan, where in April 2019, it became the first Malaysian restaurant on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list at 46th place with the title Best Restaurant in Malaysia.

“Dewakan” derives its name from a combination of two Malay words: Dewa (meaning “God”) and “makan” (meaning “to eat”). And at Dewakan, Chef Darren is known for taking rare and forgotten ingredients from peninsular Malaysia – including the sea, mountain, jungle and farmlands – and elevating them into unique dishes that diners have described as ‘modern art’.

Alena Ose Murang - Sarawakian sape player singer, teacher, speaker, social entrepreneur, visual artist & heritage advocate

Ep 22: Alena Murang (Sarawakian Sape Player, Visual Artist & Heritage Advocate)

Alena Ose’ Murang is Sarawakian sape player singer, teacher, speaker, social entrepreneur, visual artist & heritage advocate. Born in Kuching, Sarawak, to a Kelabit father, Ose Murang and English-Italian mother Valerie Mashman, Alena and her older brother were immersed in their local heritage from young including dance and the local lute instrument, the sape. While Alena has never formally studied music, she answered her calling to be a keeper of stories for her people and in 2016, released her first EP, Flight – a collection of traditional Kenyah & Kelabit songs.

Since then, Alena has performed at many renowned world music festivals including the SXSW (USA), Colors of Ostrava (Czech Republic), Paris Fashion Week (France), Rudolstadt Festival (Germany), OzAsia Festival (Australia), and Rainforest World Music Festival (Malaysia). She was a youth representative at the UNESCO Youth Forum in Paris, and UNESCO Asia-Pacific for her work in intangible cultural heritage.

Alena also started Kanid Studio (previously known as ART4 Studio), a social enterprise that uses art and music as a medium for positive impact, grounded in indigenous community values that are strong in the longhouse villages. ​

Alena Murang has been featured on Nat Geo People, Channel News Asia, Asian Nikkei Review, NPR Radio, BBC Radio 2, Radio 6, CBC News, Discovery Channel, Double J, etc.