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Ep 62: Serving the World’s Cheapest Michelin-Starred Meal | Hawker Chef Chan Hon Meng

Hawker Chef Chan Hon Meng is a Malaysian-born, Michelin-starred chef who is best known for serving the world’s least expensive Michelin-starred meal.

He won his first Michelin star back in 2016 for his $2.50 soy sauce chicken noodle dish, and proceeded to do so for the next four consecutive years. Since then, his chicken rice store has exploded from one store in Chinatown to a franchise restaurants in 7 countries & 17 outlets within 2 years. In Singapore alone, there are 6,000 stalls in over 100 hawker stalls.

Shawn Chong - x3 Diageo World Class Malaysia Champion, Mixologist & Co-Founder of Omakase + Appreciate

Ep 34: Shawn Chong (x3 Diageo World Class Malaysia Champion, Mixologist & Co-Founder of Omakase + Appreciate)

Shawn Chong is one of Malaysia’s top mixologist, a three-time Diageo World Class Malaysia champion, once listed as the No. 25 Bartender in the world and co-founder of Kuala Lumpur’s pioneering speakeasy, Omakase + Appreciate. A speakeasy that was listed in the Top 10 of Asia’s 50 Best Bars Award 2016. He is also the founder of Bar Class Academy Asia.

Maurizio Leo - Founder, The Perfect Loaf; Terminal Eleven Skyview mobile app software developer and engineer

Ep 33: Maurizio Leo (Co-Founder of Terminal Eleven, Sourdough Baker & Founder of The Perfect Dough)

Maurizio Leo is the Co-Founder of Terminal Eleven (which developed the stargazing mobile app, Skyview), sourdough baker, blogger, writer and Founder of the Perfect Loaf.

To date, The Perfect Loaf is a two-time Saveur Magazine Blog Award winner. In 2016 The Perfect Loaf won both Editors’ and Readers’ Choice Awards in The Food Obsessive category and the 2018 Readers’ Choice Award for Best Special Interest Blog. In addition, The Perfect Loaf was a 2019 Webby Award nominee.

Maurizio is a regular contributor to the King Arthur Baking blog and is the Resident Bread Baker at Food52. Maurizio has written articles on bread baking for Edible Magazine, the Bread Baker’s Guild of America, and Bread Magazine.

Darren Toh Min Guo - Malaysian chef & restaurant owner of Dewakan - Asia's Top 50 Restaurants 2019

Ep 29: Darren Teoh Min Guo (Head Chef & Restaurant Owner of Dewakan)

Chef Darren Teoh Min Guo is the head chef and restaurant owner of Dewakan, where in April 2019, it became the first Malaysian restaurant on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list at 46th place with the title Best Restaurant in Malaysia.

“Dewakan” derives its name from a combination of two Malay words: Dewa (meaning “God”) and “makan” (meaning “to eat”). And at Dewakan, Chef Darren is known for taking rare and forgotten ingredients from peninsular Malaysia – including the sea, mountain, jungle and farmlands – and elevating them into unique dishes that diners have described as ‘modern art’.

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Ep 16: Renyi Chin (Co-Founder of MyBurgerLab, MyPizzaLab & MyBobaLab)

Yi Jun Loh is a Malaysian cook, food blogger, writer and food podcaster. A Cambridge-educated engineer, he immersed himself in food after graduating by learning to cook in Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France, and Blue Hill at Stone Barns in New York, USA. He is now based in Malaysia, obsessing over food culture and kooky food ideas through his recipe blog ‘Jun & Tonic’, which was nominated for the Saveur Blog Awards in 2018. He also hosts ‘Breaking Bread’ on BFM, his own podcast, ‘Take A Bap’ and can be found regularly contributing to Food52, Taste and Saveur.